Trophies are offered by The Award Company in different styles, colours and sizes. We are specialized in producing and designing trophies. Because of the massa production we can offer our trophies for very competitive prices. We offer the following trophies:


Medals are offered at the highest quality level as possible. All medals in our collection are hand polished and are exclusively designed for The Award Company. We can offer the medals for competitive prices and short delivery times.


The Award Company offers a wide range of components for designing and producing your own trophies. All components are designed by and produced for The Award Company. We offer plastic risers, plastic spacers, metal bowls, marble and hardware.


Besides the above mentioned product categories, The Award Company offers many other products such as resin, glass, ribbons and wood. All products can be found at our website.
The Award Company produces sport trophies and delivers trophy components out of stock. Check our collection on our website and get to know all the possibilities.


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